The Shubert Brothers

Cowles and Shubert Theater

Photo of present-day Cowles and Shubert Theater in Minneapolis, MN. (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Shubert Brothers

Photo of J.J. and Lee Shubert (Jacob left, Levi, right, Sam in portrait) Sam died in 1905 in a train accident (Photo credit: Onanadaga Historical Association_

Do you still have the remnants of a Shubert theater where you live? The Shubert Brothers took on the Theatrical Syndicate (Klaw & Erlanger),  accusing them of “bullying tactics.” They set out to wrest power from The Syndicate. From the 1890s until the Depression, the Shuberts owned, operated, managed, or booked close to a thousand houses across the United States. Today, the Shubert Organization still runs 21 theaters (17 of which are on Broadway) and The Shubert Foundation supports not-for-profit theatre and dance companies throughout the United States.


On PBS, “The Shubert Brothers,” part of a document, “Broadway: The American Musical”

From The Shubert Organization, a thorough history

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