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On the Edge
Simon & Schuster, 2000
edited by Lois Duncan
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On the Edge: Stories at the Brink


About the Book

featuring short stories by Alden R. Carter, Terry Davis, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Pete Hautman, Liza Ketchum, Gail Carson Levine, Winifred Morris, Graham Salibury, Gloria Skurzynski, William Sleator, Rich Wallace, Ellen Wittlinger

On the edge of the sea, drowning in a beach of quicksand … 

On the edge of occupied Cambodia, waiting to cross the Mekong River to freedom … 

On the edge of knowing your fainting spell may be due to a brain tumor … 

On the edge of your toes in a ballet recital, waiting for the next sabotage …

The edge isn't always obvious. Rarely is it clearly defined. But in each of these twelve remarkable stories, young people find themselves in situations where—mentally, physically, psychologically—they are on the edge. … Lois Duncan's new anthology of original short stories by acclaimed young adult authors is an exciting mix of terror and thrills, humor and heartbreak. On the Edge: Stories at the Brink is a wild ride that will keep you on the edge … of your seat.

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